Zakk Wylde Comments On Reuniting With Ozzy Osbourne and Brief Stint With Guns N’ Roses

Zakk Wylde
Jason Bullinger for Alternative Revolt

Guitar extraordinaire Zakk Wylde is back in the saddle again with Ozzy Osbourne. The two are gearing up for an extensive tour that will take fans back to the good ole days, when Wylde had his tenure slot secure with the boss.

Wylde spoke out about his reunion with Ozzy, showing great excitement to be back with the very man who took him from being just an ordinary guitarist in New Jersey, to the full fledged mega-rockstar he is today.

“It’s awesome. I’ve always said it’s a miracle any work ever gets done, because we’re always on the floor crying laughing. All you’ve got to do is hang around Ozzy for, like, two minutes. I mean, he takes the piss out of himself and everything that’s going on.”

“Being a music fan, you always heard about Donington, and so to play it, it’s like the Royal Albert Hall; it’s a big deal. But playing anywhere with Ozzy is always a good time; whether it’s a prison or whether it’s in front of five people and we’re playing in a phone booth, it’s always a good time to play with the boss. But I’ve never done Donington with Oz, so, yeah, [I’m] definitely looking forward to it again, man.”

Wylde has also branched outside of the Ozzy train, having built his own empire with the likes of his side project turned big band, Black Label Society. What some fans may not know is that Wylde also commented on his brief stint with Guns N’ Roses back in the 1990’s following the band’s “Use Your Illusion” tour. The stint didn’t lead to anything permanent with the band, as it wasn’t an audition by any means, but more of just a friendly jam amongst musicians.

“I just went down to jam with the guys,” he said. “It’s not even like an audition at that point. Jimmy Page is not going to audition for The Rolling Stones. It’s just, like, ‘Jimmy, do you want to come down and jam with us?’ It’s just, like, ‘Yeah, okay, no problem.’ So, it was more that — just a bunch of clowns getting together and jamming.”

“We jammed a bunch of things. We did demos and stuff over at Duff’s house in the studio. We just had a bunch of riffs and stuff like that, but nothing was going on; it was in limbo.”

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