Watch David Coverdale Unbox His Copy Of ‘Slide It In: The Ultimate Special Edition’

Jason Bullinger for Alternative Revolt

Whitesnake fans can now view a A 10-minute video of David Coverdale unboxing his copy of “Slide It In: The Ultimate Special Edition”.

The 35th-anniversary edition of Whitesnake’s 1984 album “Slide It In”, will be released on March 22.

“Slide It In: The Ultimate Special Edition” includes newly remastered versions of both the U.K. and U.S. mixes of the album, plus unreleased live and studio recordings, music videos, concert footage, and a new interview with Whitesnake founder and lead singer, David Coverdale. The music comes with a 60-page hardbound book that’s filled with rare photos and memorabilia from the era.

Three other versions of “Slide It In” will also be available the same day. A double-CD “Deluxe Edition” includes the newly remastered U.K. and U.S. mixes expanded with a selection of bonus tracks. The double-LP “Deluxe Edition” features the newly remastered U.K. and U.S. mixes. And finally, a single-disc version includes the newly remastered U.S. mix. The music will be available digitally as well.

Coverdale: “‘Slide It In’ was always meant to be a structured, more electric modern take on the classic blues-based hard rock that Whitesnake were famous for — but our new hook city hooligan, mixer extraordinaire Christopher Collier, has hand-tooled this classic record for the 21st century.

“Hearing all the performances so fresh and so clear after 35 years was amazing. Mel, Cozy and Jon’s playing on the record is as vital now as it was all those years ago. All the featured players shine.

“Not only did Christopher get the best out of the recording, but he gives the album a fresh coat of sonic paint bringing it right up to date. I’m personally thrilled with it.”