Volbeat/Anthrax Kick off tour in Colorado

Volbeat kicked off their tour last night with Anthrax as their co-headliner at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, CO. This tour is particularly interesting with the combination of the two, with former Anthrax axeman, Rob Caggiano, who popularly left his veteran thrash uprising to join the Danish metal act from across the pond. Before hand, we were able to have us a chat with Anthrax’ konga man, Charlie Benante. When asked how this tour came to be, he explains how fun it will be to tour together, and the two bands have always been friends even when Rob went to join Volbeat. “Off stage we get a long fine but when we play with them now they will be a bunch of dicks!” the drummer jokes about. Charlie has stayed behind for the first few dates of the tour to follow up on mixing and mastering the new Anthrax full length. A bit of a touchy subject for the drummer, understandably so, “I get somewhat nervous. It takes a few for me to settle in, I do not know why that is, I just get a little nervous.”

Anthrax has featured a new single found on the new HBO mega show, Game of Thrones’ Mixtape compilation album. Also featured on the mix are Killswitch Engage- “Loyalty”, Mastodon- “White Walker”, Mushroomhead- “Among the Crows”, and Anthrax’ single “Sorror Irrumator”. If you are looking to hear some new Anthrax tunes during the show, that is the only one you will probably hear. Charlie explains that “It wouldn’t be smart for us to go there and play a bunch of new tunes.” But if you liked their last release, “Worship Music” you will surely enjoy what is yet to come. From what we know about it already, it is a bit of continuation of the last record evolving and stepping up a notch, with more testosterone. The live show however featured an unnamed drummer fill-in who was unknown even to Joey Belladonna when asked to give him a quick beat. This was a mixed crowd for sure with veteran thrash fans and new aged metal fans alike. Volbeat kicked off their set, the recently Grammy nominated band is continuing to support its latest release, “Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies.”


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