Visions Of Atlantis Release Lyric Video “Heroes of the Dawn”

Heroes of the Dawn” is the first glimpse of a new chapter for Visions of Atlantis. Epic melodies take the listener into an unknown world in which symphonic metal reigns. A captivating chorus gives the listener hope for more and awakens anticipation for “Wanderers.” Today, Visions Of Atlantis releases the first lyric Video to the new single “Heroes of the Dawn”

This will be one of the most intense and profound Symphonic Metal albums of the last 15 years. At the end of August, a breathtaking journey will commence: Visions of Atlantis start their musical search to find the truth and light that lies inside each one of us, overcoming the dangers and fears, daring to sail the seas that lead to self-realization, raising love as banner.

“This is our heart & soul, the essence of Visions Of Atlantis.”


  1. Release My Symphony
  2. Heroes Of The Dawn
  3. Nothing Lasts Forever
  4. A Journey To Remember
  5. A Life Of Our Own
  6. To The Universe
  7. Into The Light
  8. The Silent Scream
  9. The Siren & The Sailor
  10. Wanderers
  11. At The End Of The World

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Bring The Storm
  2. In And Out of Love

Exclusive 7’’ Single (Earbook only!):Memento