Trivium Premieres New Music Video, ‘Beyond Oblivion’

Florida based Trivium has been having their best run in their extensive career. With a new album out as of late 2017 in “The Sin and The Sentence,” Trivium have released a new video in support of the album for one of their songs, “Beyond Oblivion.”

With a long line of tour dates piled up for Trivium over the last couple of years, as well as future tour dates to follow, it’s full steam ahead, as the bands rides the train of success that they’ve built for so long now.

Bassist Paolo Gregoletto spoke with TeamRock about the song, stating, “Corey [Beaulieu] was scrolling through his TV guide and he saw the phrase ‘Beyond Oblivion’ on a show, and wrote it down. I felt like I could make that work for a chorus, so I had to think of a theme of what that would be. I was listening to a bunch of podcasts about artificial intelligence, but they were comparing the idea of the coming technology to the atomic bomb — of how we created this incredibly immense, dangerous world-destructing thing in a moment when no one was really thinking of the implications. The song was viewing it from the perspective of someone that creates this sort of technology and comes to view it for what it is.”

One thing that has drastically changed with Trivium over the span of multiple albums now is the diminished amounts of screaming in comparison to the bands earliest records. After singer Matt Heafy had undergone some issues with his vocal chords, his ability to scream had quickly become monitored.

‘Silence [In The Snow]’ didn’t have it because we felt like it didn’t quite need it. We could have put it on there from Corey or something because at the time, I hadn’t been able to scream again. I blew my voice out two and a half, three years ago at the end of the ‘Vengeance Falls’ cycle. I had to rebuild it, and re-work at it, but thankfully it’s back. It’s a piece of cake [now]. It’s great. It sounds great on the record — we’re happy about it.

“The thing with Trivium is we’ve always done the kind of music we felt like we needed to do at that time,” he continued. “We never are trying to write to a quota or to a person or to a fan base of any kind of specific thing; we’re always trying to make what we want to hear as fans of music and fans of metal, and that’s what we did with ‘The Sin And The Sentence’. I think ‘The Sin And The Sentence’ has ingredients of everything that Trivium is and everything that’s great about Trivium , while ‘Silence…’ I think has some of the biggest and best hooks and some of the best singing we’ve ever had. We have done records like that before. ‘The Crusade’ had pretty much no screaming whatsoever — I think maybe two words were screamed on that record. With ‘The Sin and The Sentence’, we just made what we felt like we wanted to make.”

Added Gregoletto: “There’s really not that much screaming. I think it’s a little deceptive just because we had an album that didn’t have any, and then it kind of made a return on this record, but we made a conscious effort not to just overdo it. I think just to throw screaming into parts would have been, kind of, I don’t know… it would have made it feel very forced. We can put it into our music again and use it when we need to. ‘The Heart From Your Hate’ has no screaming; one of the other singles that will come out eventually has no screaming. I think we’ve really accomplished being able to do both and we can kind of pick and choose which tools we want to use.”

JT “Doc” Berry \m/