Todd La Torre Comments On Upcoming Queensryche Album

Jason Bullinger for Alternative Revolt

With it being three years since Queensryche released their last album, “Condition Human,” it’s full steam ahead, as the band gears up to release a follow up. As the 30th anniversary of the bands legendary album “Operation: Mindcrime” had just passed, many are praising Queensryche for their continuous effort to pump out music, despite the unfortunate drama between the band, and former singer, Geoff Tate.

Current Queensryche singer Todd La Torre commented on the bands upcoming hopes for a new record. With La Torre at the microphone, the classic Queensryche sound can easily be accomplished. It’s only a matter of time before they can put a wrap on yet another album release.

It’s probably two-thirds of the way done — a little more than that,” La Torre said. “I’m actually flying back to Massachusetts to finish the last two songs on vocals. I know that Michael [Wilton] and Parker [Lundgren] finished all the guitar solos, so our engineer and producer, Chris ‘Zeuss’ Harris, he’s been mixing and kind of taking care of those things while we’ve been on the road, so we’ve gotten some updated mixes, and it sounds really great. We’re really looking forward to people hearing that. We’re excited.”

“I would say that this album still shows the diversity that one would expect from a Queensryche album. There’s aggressive things on this record. I think that there’s certainly more elements that are progressive in terms of thinking and playing, some fun time signatures, some vocal acrobatics, great rhythm and harmony guitars that you always expect from the band.”

“Michael’s written so many great songs, and it’s been a little more challenging as the vocalist, because he has such a unique way of writing that it’s not just 101 and very boxed in — it’s very sometimes experimental,” he continued. “But I think that this album is definitely the direction that we hoped for.”

“You never know when you’re in the demo phase and you’re writing — you’re, like, ‘Well, do we hear an album here?'” Todd added. ‘And fast forward to where we are now, it definitely has a unified sound, but offers the dark and slower elements also with the very driving, heavy elements as well.”

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