Today Marks The Sixth Anniversary Of Jani Lane’s Death

Today marks the sixth anniversary of singer/songwriter Janie Lane’s death. He died on this day August 11, 2011 of acute alcohol poisoning. He was 47. His death is a sad one as he died alone with no money/ID at the Comfort Inn in Woodlands, California. Police has reported that they found liquor and pills surrounding his body.

Janie fronted the 80’s glam band Warrant and their first five albums sold over 10 million copies around the world. Lane left Warrant in March 1993 to pursue a solo career but returned to the band in September 1993, helping the band to secure a new record deal with CMC Inernational.  The band then recorded Ultraphobic in 1995, Belly to Belly in 1996, Greatest & Latest in 1999 and a cover album Under the Influence in 2001.

Lane returned to the band again in 2008.  Warrant then performed a series of shows during the summer of 2008, but by September 2008, Warrant and Lane agreed to move forward separately, due to “too much water under the bridge.” Warrant and Lane both continued to perform Lane’s compositions live and Lane continued to write for himself and other artists.

Lane was a underrated singer/songwriter and his music is still missed today.