The Veer Union Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary In Denver


The Vancouver, Canada based hard rock band The Veer Union are currently touring North America in support of their latest album ‘Decade: History of Our Evolution’ and celebrating a 10 year anniversary of there first major label debut release ‘Against The Grain’. The band made a headline stop at the Roxy Theatre in Denver, Colorado last night (Tuesday April 3) before catching on with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus for a trek that keeps them on the road until June.

Four local area Denver bands were invited to open the show. Stolen Signal, Jaded Poet, Demented, and Pandemonium emphatically warmed the crowd performing short sets of original altitude hard rock and metal.

After taking the stage and erupting into the set opener, vocalist Crispin Earl confessed to the crowd that they were pretty close to canceling the Denver show and the night before in Colorado Springs. Earl was loosing his voice and said “We never like to cancel shows”.  Even at 50%, Crispin’s vocals are better than most bands capacity at 100%. The band focused on songs from their latest release ‘Decade: History of Our Evolution’ shredding through the powerful single “Living Not Alive” and newest single/video for “Save Yourself”.

Some of the highlights of the show was the sense of humor that bounced off members Dan Sittler (guitarist), Ryan Ramsdell, and drummer Ricardo Viana. There was a some discussion of who in the band “Speaks the most like a Canadian” with Earl poking fun of drummer Viana singling him out for being “mexican” and after the acoustic song “My Shadow” had not returned to the stage and must be “working at the border on Trumps wall”. The smaller crowd made for great interaction and some great storytelling. I was even extremely humbled to get asked on stage to take the group photo where I stood inside Viana’s drum kit and pointed my camera towards the audience framing the band in the front of the crowd. The night closed out with the a fitting tribute to the late Chester Bennington of Linkin Park as the band performed a brilliant cover version of “Numb”.

The Veer Union are lively and love what they do. It doesn’t matter if it’s 50, 500, or 5,000 people.  The fans will always go away happy and gladly gather again when it’s time to celebrate 20.

Photos and review by Jason Bullinger