The Nothing Tour Invades Denver [Review + Photos]


Korn and Alice in Chains brought their North American tour to Denver on August 25th. The Pepsi Center was full of metal heads and 90’s grunge kids (who are now in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s). It was a good contrast that worked quite well. Underoath and Fever 333 provided support.

First up was Fever 333. The crowd was still making their way into the stadium as the band hit the stage. Lead singer, Jason Butler, came out with a black hood over his head and stood front stage. This went on for about 30 seconds before the music started and he threw the hood off. I like to think of Fever 333 as modern-day Rage Against the Machine. Their mix of punk, metal, and politics is sure to get the crowd moving.

Next was Florida Rockers, Underoath, who came out with intensity and energy to keep the crowd jumping. The six band members were all over the stage as they played through songs dating back to 1999. Lead singer, Spencer Chamberlin, and drummer/clean vocalist, Aaron Gillespie, went back and forth with vocal responsibilities. The crowd sung along to fan favorites, “Reinventing your Exit”, and “A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White”.

Grunge pioneers, Alice in Chains, were next to take the stage. I want to preface this with saying that I am a huge fan of Alice in Chains but I had yet to see them without Layne Staley. I have listened to their music since they enlisted William DuVall to take on vocal duties. It’s safe to say that I was a little skeptical at first… until they came out and ripped through the song “Angry Chair” from their 1992 album Dirt. The overall sound was great, and the band was on point. They jammed through old hits and new, with the crowd signing along every word.

Last was “nu-metal” rockers Korn. I prefer to categorize them as regular metal though. Most “nu-metal” bands haven’t stood the test of time like Korn has. The California rockers opened with “Here to Stay” of their 2002 album Untouchables. Moshing ensued and crowd surfers took position. The stage was dark, heavy, and energetic as ever. Lead singer, Jonathon Davis, had his H.R. Giger designed mic stand that he gripped frequently while belting out the hits from the last 25 years.
Grunge, punk, metal, whatever you prefer, there was something for everyone at the Nothing Tour. The combination of the 4 bands was a great recipe for all that attended.

Korn Setlist
1.    Here to Stay
2.    Blind
3.    Divine
4.    Rotting in Vain
5.    You’ll Never Find Me
6.    Twisted Transistor
7.    Shoots and Ladders
8.    Got the Life
9.    Make Me Bad
10.  Somebody Someone
11.  Freak on a Leash
12.  4 U
13.  Twist
14.  Coming Undone
15.  Falling Away From Me

Alice in Chains Setlist
1.    Angry Chair
2.    Man in the Box
3.    Check My Brain
4.    Again
5.    Them Bones
6.    Dam That River
7.    Hollow
8.    Rainier Fog
9.    No Excuses
10.  Nutshell
11.  Bleed the Freak
12.  We Die Young
13.  The One You Know
14.  Would?
15.  Rooster