The ‘New Song’ Myles Kennedy Jammed With Jimmy Page When Auditioning For Led Zeppelin

Myles Kennedy remembered his 2008 audition for Led Zeppelin, telling Eddie Trunk about jamming with Jimmy Page “The thing that first day tripped me out more than anything, they were like, ‘We have a little time before you have to go back and get on the train. We’ve got some things we’ve been working on. Do you want to just sing over the top?’

Kennedy replied: “Yes, that was crazy, hearing something that no-one had heard and getting to sing over the top of it. I just kind of scatted and made something up. It was crazy. It was just crazy.”

He went on to say “In fact, with the riff that I remember, did you see the 2008 documentary ‘It Might Get Loud’? The riff that we jammed on, I think, was called ‘Embryo No. 1.’ Jimmy was playing something and I think that’s what we were jamming on. I remember that riff in my head. It was a really cool riff.”

Kennedy also recalled on  jamming “No Quarter” and “Kashmir” with the band, “I looked up and Jimmy and Jimmy was into it and he enjoyed what was happening.” he said.

Although Kennedy describes himself as a “massive” Zeppelin fan, 47-year-old Kennedy was worried about forgetting lyrics. “Bonham mentioned some they had been jamming, to have those prepared,” Kennedy said.

“I’m not really good in that respect because I have a bad memory. Melodically, I’d be fine but lyrics…even with Alter Bridge, songs I took part in writing, I have a hard time.”