The New Regime Release New Video For “A Way To Feel Again”

Jason Bullinger for Alternative Revolt

The New Regime, fronted by Ilan Rubin (Nine Inch Nails, Angels & Airwaves), is releasing the music video for “A Way To Feel Again” today. The video was directed by John David Moffat.

“A Way To Feel Again deals with the disconnect we experience as people consumed by technology.  Often we chose to convey deeper emotions through the surface-level, two dimensional communication of texting and emailing which adds to our detachment from one another” says Rubin.

To convey this feeling, Moffat says he put together an eerie visual that “had a camera flying from above, stalking Rubin on his journey home and him on the ground trying to evade, treading through an area of earth full of infrastructure, but devoid of humanity. ”

“A Way To Feel Again” is off The New Regime’s most recent release Heart, which came out September 6th and is the first installment of the band’s 4-part release of the full-length album Heart Mind Body & Soul out early 2020. Today, the band is announcing the release of the second installment, Mind, which will be released November 22nd.

The New Regime just wrapped up a massive North American tour with Angels & Airwaves where Rubin served double duty as a member of both bands.