Tesla Electrifies in Denver


Sacramento, California rockers Tesla always were the odd band out in the 80’s glam metal music scene. They wore T-shirts and jeans rather than spandex, makeup, and hair spray. They have always been respected and loved by fans and they continue to tour and release music on a somewhat regular basis. After touring many summers on bills that support Def Leppard, Tesla is headlining the US and made a stop in Denver, Colorado at the Paramount Theatre July 25.

The band has the same consistent members since 2006 with Brian Wheat on bass, Troy Luccketta on drums, Dave Rude on guitar, Jeff Keith on vocals, and Frank Hannon on lead guitar. The band together sounds consistently sharp and never misses a step live. They continue to have a reputation of a band that sounds so much better in a live setting. With a longer set on these headline dates, Tesla was able to play all of the staple hits in their catalog such as “The Way It Is”, “Little Suzi”, and “Cumin’ Atcha Live”, and sprinkle in new songs such as “MP3” and “Save That Goodness”. The crowd is always game and goes crazy at the end of the shows as they sing a long to mega radio hits “Signs”, and “Love Song” of the late 80’s. The encore would be no surprise as Jeff Keith proclaimed the crowd to “Saddle up and ride” as they broke right into “Modern Day Cowboy”. Fans always know what they get when they see Tesla and that is always a good thing.