One of the biggest, most important shows to catch all summer, is the very long awaited and anticipated, Jack Black’s Tenacious D with Kyle Gass and gang. This is a huge deal to me anyway, because when does Tenacious D ever tour? Never, that’s when! Jack Black is an avid rocker as much as he is a movie star. He’s just too busy making multimillion dollar comedies, but at least he came out with a film for his own band, which is what this tour is really all about. The Pick of Destiny, another album under the Tenacious D legacy is rebirthed as, Rise of the Fenix.

This show was held at Colorado’s very own Red Rocks, and all summer, I have been catching some of the wildest shows here. This show however did not have crazy lighting or explosive pyrotechnics. Just JB and KG, bringing the thunder with their band… and a gigantic inflatable Fenix bird with wings of fire, to the naked eye, but really, it was just a gigantic floppy cock. It’s Jack Black, we really can’t expect anything less from him. But it is that sort of gesture that we love him for. And, he also has the balls (gigity) to put that cock of a bird on his album cover to be seen in stores. Forget subtlety, this is a lesson that Disney’s The Little Mermaid can take a page from. Not familiar with that reference? Look it up.

As for the performance, the show opened up with Jack and Kyle approaching the foot of the stage with their robes, rigged with what appeared to be decorative lighting. I couldn’t tell if they were getting ready for a boxing match or to sacrifice a virgin. Wait, aren’t they supposed to just play a live set? Anyway, they began their set with the first title off of Rise of the Fenix. They played hits off of that and even played hits from The Pick of Destiny. My favorite was “Beezleboss”, the part in the movie where they have a faceoff with the Devil (Dave Grohl). No, Dave was not at the show.

The performance was fantastic, Jack is one hell of a rocker live, and he didn’t even have to act. He ought to do more touring with Tenacious D. I’ve always admired Jack’s passion for rock n’ roll and he is one of the many few that still keep the classics alive. Kyle Gass is also one incredible guitarist, and with the exception of the movie, he does not get the full focus he deserves and he’s truly one of my favorites.

Needless to say, Tenacious D kicked ass, and it is rare that they tour and I urge any of you to catch’em while you can on the road. But, if you are going to sit outside of the venue they are performing at, hours before their tour bus rolls in, just to wait to ambush Jack Black, the very second he steps out of his tour bus, my only advice is… don’t!

– Josh Lowe, Alternative Revolt Magazine [photos and review]

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