Ted Nugent Calls Out The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Ted Nugent
The Huffington Post

For years, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has done a disservice to the rock community by honoring careers of artists who quite frankly don’t deserve to be mentioned or honored in the hall; while others have yet to be even nominated to join the hall after years of eligibility.

Strong hearted spokesman, guitarist, and activist Ted Nugent has come out to put his two cents in regarding an induction that he feels he is quite qualified for. While Nugent is well qualified to be inducted, he has a hunch as to why he may not get the call to be inducted any time soon.

“Jan Wenner, the founder of Rolling Stone and the boss hog at Rock and Roll of Fame, he hates freedom, he hates the Second Amendment, he hates me, because I’m on the board of directors — quite proudly — of the National Rifle Association for, like, twenty-six years with some of the highest votes except for Charlton Heston,” says Nugent. “I couldn’t be more proud of that, ’cause the NRA is the ultimate family, grassroots organization that fights for the right to defend ourselves. What kind of numbnut would be against that? And so I’m on the board of directors of the NRA, Jan Wenner hates the Second Amendment, so that’s the only reason I’m not in the Rock and Roll of Fame. And until they get their heads out of their ass, I’m more than happy to do what I do and do it with all the vim and vigor that I do it every night.”

Like so many before Nugent, the audacity of not hearing the mention of artists who rightfully deserve to join the hall of fame is ridiculous. We see so many individuals who don’t even perform rock music that get more recognition than artists and band that have played the very genre that the hall is named after for decades, yet still get no respect along the way.

Perhaps the tide will shift at one point or another in which Nugent will finally receive the might phone call that he so greatly wants and frankly deserves.

“I will lead the most important moment in the history of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame,” says Nugent. “I will get on bended knee and I will say a prayer for Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley and Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis and the Ventures and James Brown and Wilson Pickett and Otis Redding and the Motown Funk Brothers and the Beatles and the Stones and the Kinks and Howlin’ Wolf and Buddy Guy and B.B. King and Freddie King and Albert King… you know what I’m saying? Because the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame is paying tribute and homage to geniuses who gave us the ultimate soundtrack for our American Dream. I’m all in, man, I’m genuinely moved, and I’m glad there is a Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.”

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