Tantric Releases New Song “Letting Go”; New Album ‘Mercury Retrograde’

Tantric has just released their brand new album “Mercury Retrograde” via Pavement Entertainment.

“Letting Go”, although billed as the “new single” from the Mercury Retrograde album by Tantric, is actually a song that never saw the light of day from the Tantric III album that never came out when Maverick Records (who had released the 1st two Tantric albums, Madonna’s Vanity Label through Time Warner) unraveled and many bands were tossed out.

The song was originally released on the band’s “Myspace” page in frustration with knowing the album was essentially tracked and finished but had no label to release it. Jesse Vest (bass) had left to be with family, and co-writer Todd Whitener (guitarist/vocals) had announced his departure from Tantric the same day the songs were released to Myspace and my band was now fully dismantled.