Take A Drive With Will Turpin’s New Solo Album

Collective Soul has been a stable rock band for the past two and a half decades selling millions of albums and touring the world. Bassist Will Turpin has been a part of that history and longevity. Using his own creative force, he has created some personal songs and will release his debut solo album “Serengeti Drivers” on June 8 via his own Gooey Records label. 

From the start to the finish Turpin have crafted a set of really solid songs. The opening track “Demons” may initially seem like a dark title but it in fact is a blueprint to what the rest of the album sounds like. You can tell Turpin has pulled from many of his musical influences including pop, rock, blues, and even a little country. The song “On And On” sounds like it was collaborated with James Taylor and can envision hearing those harmonies around a campfire surrounded with friends. I’m a big pop rock fan so I naturally gravitate towards the songs “One and Done” and “Belong” as they bring a little heavier guitar and faster tempo. The record ends with a few of more intimate melancholy flavored tracks “Those Days” and “Final Score”. I know Turpin’s wife had battled cancer during the process of this record and you can feel his emotions seeping through his lyrics as he stays positive even when his wife is having down moments.

You can tell Turpin has spent a good deal of time on this project and it shows. He enlisted a number of friends to help with the writing and recording. The attention to detail is evident with the use of trumpets, trombones, and keyboards adding texture to album with a retro yet modern feel. Overall these songs bring me back to the era when bands such as Toad The Wet Sprocket, Tonic, and Dishwalla flooded rock radio. Maybe it is a coincident that this is released at the start of summer, but I think all of these songs should be included on your next summer road trip. 

Review by Jason Bullinger

Order “Serengeti” Drivers” here: http://www.WillTurpin.com