Sweden’s Crashdïet Announces New Singer

Swedish glam rockers Crashdïet have recruited Gabriel Keyes as their new vocalist. His addition to the band was first reported in the latest issue of Sweden Rock Magazine.

Gabriel, the brother of Highride bassist Kriss Keyes, is the fourth singer for Crashdïet, which was previously fronted by Dave Lepard (2000-2006), H. Olliver Twisted (2007-2008) and Simon Cruz (2009-2015).

Crashdïet’s most recent release was the “Live In Sleaze” album, which was recorded in 2005 and features Lepard on vocals.

Cruz, who was previously a member of the Stockholm act Jailbait, joined Crashdïet in 2009 as the replacement for H. Olliver Twisted (now in Recless Love).

Former Crashdïet singer David Hellman (a.k.a. Dave Lepard) was found dead on January 20, 2006 at his apartment in the Swedish city of Uppsala, north of Stockholm. It was reported in several places that he hanged himself, although this was never officially confirmed.