Supergroup KXM Returns To Studio For Third Album

KXM, the band featuring bassist/vocalist Doug “dUg” Pinnick (Kings’X), guitarist George Lynch (Lynch Mob, Dokken) and drummer Ray Luzier (Korn), is currently recording its third album with producer/engineer Chris Collier — who also helmed the group’s first two releases — at Steakhouse Studio in North Hollywood, California. The album will be released by Rat Pak Records later this year.

Lynch told Guitar World magazine that all KXM albums are put together “entirely in the studio. The whole concept of KXM is that we create everything on the spot,” he said. “No preconceived ideas are allowed. Ray is pretty much the songwriting police about that. He can almost sense when you’re bringing in something you sort of already had in your back pocket. He’ll disallow that and he’ll force you to move on by changing it all up. He’ll change the beat on you. [Laughs] So our product is improvisation.”

George also talked about his working relationship with Ray and Doug. “You know, it seems like we’re all searching for that perfect gig,” he said. “Working in any field, you have the problem boss or the person you don’t get along with or the company that isn’t built on the right foundation. There’s always an issue. But with this project, it seems like without thinking about it too hard, everything just works. And I’m not even going to question why. It’s, like, sometimes you build a guitar or you buy a guitar and it’s made of all the wrong stuff, and on paper it shouldn’t sound good or play good. But for some reason, it’s the world’s greatest-sounding and -playing guitar! [Laughs] With this band, I really don’t dissect why it works. I just trust that it works. And for me personally, my biggest obstacle is just getting out of my own way and allowing the chemistry between the three of us to take over. When I go in there, I’ll sometimes think too hard about what I’m trying to do. It’s an interesting distinction.”