Styx, Foreigner and Don Felder: Live at Fiddlers Green

Josh Lowe for Alternative Revolt
It was a rock n’ roll night for sure on Tuesday night in Greenwood Village, with Styx, Foreigner and former Eagles lead guitarist, Don Felder rocking the night away. It was like a blast from the past and most people in the audience re-living their 70’s and 80’s memories all over again. Once Don Felder and band hit the stage, the start of the first song already gave off a vibe of something very similar to the Eagles. That’s because most of his set list consisted of the Eagles songs anyway, which from a crowd perspective was the second best thing to seeing an Eagles show, on the other hand… it might have been a questionable decision, so one would hope that Don Henley and Glenn Frey don’t end up throwing the book at him. On a third hand, for a man who co-wrote (mostly wrote) one of the biggest rock n’ roll songs of all time ( I am of course referring to “Hotel California”) then Don might actually reserve the right to play whatever the hell he wants! So most of his set list consisted of Eagles hits such as “Already Gone,” “One of these night,” “Life in the fast lane,” and then…yes, “Hotel California!”

Foreigner hit the stage next and, from the looks of things, you might as well consider them a Foreigner cover band, because none of the members were original or anything close to it. The only founding member who is still notably in the band, Mick Jones, did not appear on stage for unknown reasons. So if you enjoy cover bands then that is what you got from Foreigner on this round. Sad but true. But, that’s not to say that they didn’t put on a rockin’ show.  Starting with “Double Vision,” moving on to “Head Games,” and then bringing the audience in on “Cold as Ice” before telling the audience to go ahead and sit down to fully enjoy “Waiting for a Girl Like You,” and “Jukebox Hero.” A little fun fact, front man Kelly Hansen pointed out that he had lived in Colorado for 5 years, in Aurora. He then pointed out to the crowd “There’s my brother, Don’t talk to him; he’s a dick” while the crowd bursts into laughter.

It was finally time for Styx, and as always they hit the ground running with a powerful opening song and exciting lights and display panels with vivid colors and imaginative imagery. Styx was arguably very solid as they always are and are flawless when they perform, and Tommy Shaw’s voice never misses a pitch. Not bad for a couple of guys in their mid 60’s. Opening with “Grand Illusion” and then jumping into “Too Much time on my hands” was a nice touch; different than opening with “Blue Collar Man (Long Night”which was more preferred but the fans probably don’t give a crap either way. What is getting old on the other hand is every band that gets up on stage pointing out Colorado’s legalization for pot. That is something to just drop from each chatty-kathy routine, just saying. At any of these shows, in this day and age where we are lucky to see legendary bands perform such as Styx, it is clear that everyone is having the time of their lives at their shows.

Set lists

Don Felder

Already Gone (Eagles song)
One of These Nights (Eagles song)
You Don’t Have Me
Victim of Love (Eagles song)
Seven Bridges Road (Steve Young cover)
Heavy Metal (Takin’ a Ride)
Witchy Woman (Eagles song)
Heartache Tonight (Eagles song

Life in the Fast Lane (Eagles cover)

Hotel California (Eagles cover)


Double Vision
Head Games
Cold as Ice
Waiting for a Girl Like You
Dirty White Boy
Say You Will
Feels Like the First Time
Juke Box Hero
I Want to Know What Love Is
Hot Blooded


The Grand Illusion
Too Much Time on My Hands
Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
Light Up
Crystal Ball
Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)
Medley: You Can’t Always Get What You Want/Live and Let Die/ Light My Fire/Bohemian Rhapsody
Come Sail Away
Rockin’ the Paradise

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