Stone Temple Pilots featuring Chester Bennington: Rock Denver

If you were able to catch Stone Temple Pilots on their current tour across the U.S., you might have noticed a smooch of a change. If you had not heard by now, Scott Weiland has been jettisoned from the group and is now fronted by Linkin Park’s frontman Chester Bennington. If you had to take a wild guess, that would not have been your first one, would it? But the fact is, Chester does a fantastic job with the Pilots, bringing a younger ora to the band and creating a different flow on stage and singing style and sound, bringing a more hard rock feel to the group. Since their single “out of time” was released, people may or may not have criticized the track, though this guy personally favors it the most.

Since the minor changes, the band still hold their honor of one of the best alternative rock bands from the 90’s and going on. Aside from Bennington, the rest of the band rocked and rolled with true veteran mastery. One might wonder what is going on inside of Bennington’s head and vice versa and Bennington has express how writing with STP allows him to experience different techniques than that of Linkin Park. They ran through modern classics such as “Wicked Garden,” “Vaseline” and one of my hidden gem favorites, “Crackerman”. Unlike Bennington’s predecessor, Weiland, he seemed very comfortable with the band, introducing them all as the Stone Temple Pilots and breaking into song. Personally, I have seen the Pilots a few times with Weiland in the band, and to be fair, both frontmen brought something different to the stage. It is a matter of opinion of who is more favored in the vocal trade.

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