Stone Sour Releases Demo Of “Get Inside”

Jason Bullinger For Alternative Revolt

Stone Sour has released a demo version of the song “Get Inside”. The song appears on their self-titled debut album, which came out in 2002.

Stone Sour guitarist Josh Rand wrote: “January 1, 2000. The first day of the new millennium. It was a homecoming show for Slipknot, and as Corey [Taylor, Stone Sour and Slipknot singer] & myself sat at his grandma Thelma’s house waiting to leave for the show that night, we played each other music that we had separately been working on. These were songs that he had written outside of Slipknot, and songs that I had recorded at home on a 4 track. After we listened to all of the tracks, we decided that we needed to record these songs at SR Studios in Des Moines during his time off from touring. These sessions took place over the next year and became the Project X/SuperEgo demo.

“Most of the songs from those sessions ended up on the first Stone Sour album. The goal was not to have any musical boundaries; to play whatever we wanted regardless of what people might think.

“Here is the first version of Get Inside, the song that started it all.”