Stone Sour at Fillmore Auditorium

stone soure
Josh Lowe for Alternative Revolt

The two best times to catch a tour are opening night and the last night. In the case of the Stone Sour and Papa Roach tour, Denver concertgoers were lucky enough to experience the latter on Sunday night.

Sunday night’s concert brought some of the biggest names in hard rock to the Fillmore Auditorium, and thanks to weeks of practice honing their respective sets, every band on the bill was nearly flawless. Otherwise set the tone for the night, showing concertgoers why the Las Vegas rockers are one of the hottest new bands in rock. The opening set from the relative newcomers was a 30-minute clinic on how to warm up a crowd, concluding with a venue-wide sing-along to their rock anthem “Soldiers” and front man Adrian Patrick leaping from a stage right speaker.

Papa Roach have been a force in hard rock for more than a decade and for some reason, no matter how many times you see them live, “Last Resort” will never get old. The mega-hit from 2000 was one of many geek-out moments from Papa Roach’s set, which opened with the band’s more recent single “Still Swingin” and peaked when the capacity crowd belted out “Getting Away With Murder.” Jacoby Shaddix and company gave old school and new school fans everything they could ask for and despite undergoing major vocal surgery in 2012, Shaddix has never sounded better.

When Stone Sour hit the stage it was clear that Corey Taylor was enjoying the final stop of the tour. The charismatic front man cracked a few jokes with the crowd and showed off his softer side with tracks like “Bother” and “Through Glass.” But it wasn’t all jokes and ballads with Taylor — this is after all the same man who fronts Slipknot. Stone Sour’s back-to-back opening tracks “Gone Sovereign” and “Absolute Zero” were the heaviest and best offerings of the night.