Steve Vai live with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra


From Stravinsky to Vai; This was not your typical Steve Vai show, but by the beard of Zeus it was defintely one for the booksas the rock gods of Valhala could not be more pleased. The Colorady Symphony Orchestra had featured Steve Vai at the Boettcher Concert Hall in Denver, this show date being the only US tour date of his previous run through the world. This show was unique in the way that Steve, although he has perfomed with Orchestras in the past, he does not do this normally, but he is definitely one of the best guitar players to do it with. He played six of his songs while the Symphony filled in around him. Without the use of typical concert lighting with colors and flashes, you could really fully see Steve shred without interuption, and just watching him is so mezmerizing its is unlike anything else, its like you are sitting right next to him in a jam room while he plays for you.


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