Steel Panther To Perform At The Rock To Recovery Benefit In September

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Steel Panther will perform at the Rock To Recovery 3 benefit on Saturday, September 15 at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, California. The event will be hosted by Academy Award-winning American film director Bryan Fogel . This year’s benefit concert will honor musician, DJ, record producer, singer, and songwriter Moby with the Rock To Recovery award.

The Rock To Recovery award is given each year to public figures known far and wide, who use their power to influence great masses of people. The award specifically honor those people who have battled addiction to overcome in an industry full of challenges. In doing so and by sharing their experience while accepting the award, they also give great hope to others.

“When people are new to recovery, they think life is going to suck, and many are just hopeless,” says Rock To Recovery founder Wes Geer. “So the coolest thing about the awards we give is we get to honor people that have beaten great odds in an industry full of seemingly impossible challenges. Our recipients have stories that have flown under the radar for most of the general population. So when people hear Moby, who’s has had huge hit records, DJs, is in recovery and advocates so strongly as he does, it really brings hope to the whole world that you can be an artist, super cool, cutting edge and do it all sober.”