Steel Panther ‘Lower The Bar’ in New Jersey

Steel Panther kicked off their ‘2017 Girls in a Row’ tour the other night, bringing their tour stop to New Jersey, likely to see the girl talent the garden state has to offer. While the 80’s heavy metal comedy rock quartet came to shake up some tits and bits, they undeniably rock the hell out of their shows in the best way they know how. In support of their new album ‘Lower The Bar’, the clever jokesters raise the bar in other areas as well.

While opening material old and new starting with “Eyes of a Panther,” “Goin’ in the Back Door,” and “Fat Girl,” the band spent a good ten minutes engaging with the crowd for some x-rated banter talking about tits & ass, mom jokes and something about a dog. The show, as always, is partly a stand up comedy routine in addition the some music of the same caliber. With more infectious tracks such as “Asian Hooker” and new single “Poontang Boomerang,” the metal lovers paid homage to their favorite 80’s rockers.

Guitarist Satchel, who once lived with Paul Gilbert, demonstrated that while the band loves their sexual puns, fat jokes and all around crude humor, the shredder got serious when all eyes were on him. While performing an original noodly melody combined with famous rock riffs from the likes of Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Aerosmith, all jokes aside.. Panther still proves to be a domineering performance who’s talents continually earn the full recognition it deserves.

Back into the swing of the show, as is tradition, girls rushed to the stage to do more than just dance on stage with the metal act, some of which would…well…could make a Rabbi eat pork during “17 Girls in a Row” and “Death To All But Metal.” Panther soon enough brought the 80’s nostalgia party to a close, but not before “Party All Day (Fuck All Night) and they did just that… most likely.