Steel Panther in Denver


Steel Panther is currently on a world trek in support of their new album, “All You Can Eat”. For those of you know have been to a Steel Panther show, you know what that clever title derives from. Yes, the intentionally and blatantly vulgar display of the reimagination to the 1980’s hair/glam metal not only is playing shows every night and partying like its the end of the world, but their stand-up act is almost better than the live music performance. Here is why, everything out of their mouths is comedy gold! Without spewing details, I strongly disaggree with anyone who thinks they are too cool to attend one of these shows.

No, if you want ball-splitting laughter, really raunchy humor and eveolved 80’s metal, get your ass out to see Steel Panther. Probably the best part of the show was just hearing the song titles like, Pussywhipped, Asian Hooker, Glory hole….and so on. So you can only imagine what its like being at the show while they tell cock jokes and call out audience members, mostly the females in the room, on their closest….or open sluttieness. And they are not above calling out moms either. Get your ass up and get out to one of these shows.





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