South Africa’s Go The Rodeo Release New Song “Give Me Black”

Johannesburg’s progressive electro rockers Go the Rodeo release their new single “Give Me Black” today. The band have been received with open arms by the South African music industry and fans alike. Renowned music website Texx and the City recently commented “Go the Rodeo are quickly establishing themselves as a musical force that takes no prisoners.”

After receiving widespread airplay on South African radio for previous singles, “Give Me Black” takes a darker turn, both musically and lyrically. Vocalist Corné van Niekerk explains the reasons for this:

“When I wrote “Give Me Black”, I was in a bit of a dark mental space – caught up in new feelings that brought up a lot of confusion and anxiety. It was during this time that I had a serious look at my own mental health for the first time. The song plays with the idea of rather not feeling anything, than to feel a range of destructive emotions. The chorus was written in a sarcastic tone, in a “I love it when you use me” kind of way. We transitioned from electronic drums, into full drums in the drop, just to get the heavier sound we wanted to achieve.”

Go the Rodeo’s current line-up consists of Robert Mitchley (bass guitar, backing vocals, keyboard), Corné van Niekerk (vocals, guitar) and Craig Atkinson (backing vocals, drums).