Soaware Release New Video For “Voltures”

Italian alt/electro-rock duo Soaware have released their new video, “Voltures ” from their debut self-titled album.

About Voltures:

“Once again, thinking of human experiences, something deep and often hidden inspired us.
Have you ever felt treal Hate? The pure desire for revenge, when you would even kill someone by chance?
We are so different that for some of us, it is simple to feel hate and it takes just a little to get really upset. For others, hate is a feeling that works latent and corrodes from the inside; for others again, hate is something to be ignored because it is wrong or dangerous in their minds.
I am sure that everyone at least once in their lives has hated something or someone… it’s just simpler to admit it and accept it.
Why? Because I’m used to hide all the evil feelings because others would not accept it … but I’m aware actually they are part of us.
don’t you think?

The video is a time laps from a trip Damiano spent in the United States.
The desert landscapes have always been evocative, they have always fascinated us.
The colors, the climate, the long stretches of emptiness, the vastness … they raise even the deepest thoughts to the surface. It may be the place to linger and observe, to observe yourself far from distractions or simply a long and difficult passage.
In such a place there is no life and yet it is wonderful, you can meet but also leave, waste everything.
With a sound like “Voltures” it seemed to be the right place! to ride on your customized motorcycle with the warm wind on your face and the smell of earth and asphalt, always ahead without looking back!
Shooting and editing are by Deborah Chiari ”

Soaware’s founders and central songwriters, Damiano Bessi and Emanuele Grazioli, bring groundbreaking alternative rock from Italy to the rest of the world. They first met in 1999 while playing in the band Mad Cobol, later splitting to perform with separate groups. In 2015, the two reunited to formSoaware, retreating to a basement studio to write new music. The fruits of Soaware’s three-year (2015-2018) labor have culminated in their forthcoming self-titled album. Soaware will include 11 tracks which feature the pair on songwriting, instrumentals, and production. Focusing on sheer emotions rather than life experiences, Soaware draw upon the spirits of 90s grunge and 80s synth pop to create dark atmospheres with electronic rock/metal edges.