Soaware’s Debut Album Out Today

Italian alt/electro-rock duo Soaware has released today their debut self-titled album. Combining eclectic rock and electronic elements, Soaware have created an immersive piece that echoes the intense emotions of its writers.

“Soaware is our self-titled album and is a journey of 11 songs through humans’ crazy minds. A mix of electronic and rock, dark atmosphere, acoustic instruments, electric guitar, large ambient, synth and sampler. We are not goth; we are not grunge,; we are not metal, but probably we are all of them.

Pure hate, revenge, desires, the illusion of the awareness when you realize that you are part of this world but you feel so far from it.

We explore doubts and betrayal and guilt. This is Soaware we talk about illogical people and their strange nuances.”

Soaware’s founders and central songwriters, Damiano Bessi and Emanuele Grazioli, bring groundbreaking alternative rock from Italy to the rest of the world. They first met in 1999 while playing in the band Mad Cobol, later splitting to perform with separate groups. In 2015, the two reunited to form Soaware, retreating to a basement studio to write new music. The fruits of Soaware’s three-year (2015-2018) labor have culminated in their forthcoming self-titled album. Soaware will include 11 tracks which feature the pair on songwriting, instrumentals, and production. Focusing on sheer emotions rather than life experiences, Soaware draw upon the spirits of 90s grunge and 80s synth pop to create dark atmospheres with electronic rock/metal edges.

Head over to all of the streaming platforms to listen to their debut album.