Slipknot: Live on Summer’s Last Stand Albuquerque

Josh Lowe for Alternative Revolt

Slipknot is back on the road in the US again after months of touring the other regions of the world, playing super-sets down in Australia and in Europe, Slipknot bring back the same carnage, animosity and fire, lots of fire. Slipknot, ending their Prepare for Hell tour have now come out of hell and brought us a last stand, Summer’s last stand tour with Lamb of God, Bullet for My Valentine and Motionless in White. Today we made a stop down in Albuquerque, NM where the metal scene is one of the best traditions down there, and at the Isleta Amphitheater, there was some serious shit that went down. The show was one for the ages, having been down here before for Mayhem Festivals and other various metal genre events, this place is living proof that metal is alive and well, and Corey Taylor will have my back on that, so don’t even bother saying anything otherwise.

Bullet for My Valentine is out with a new album, “Venom” who brought forth an undeniable satisfaction to the slew of Albuquerque, each of which exchanged loads of drunken high fives and aggressive head banging. Beginning with “Your Betrayal” and jumping into the opening track of their newest release, “No way out”, BFMV performed track after track mostly referring to one of their more popular albums, Scream Aim Fire which houses “Waking The Demon” “Hearts Burst into Fire” and the self-titled track of the album and obviously their first large hit “Tears don’t fall”. Just when you cannot get enough of BFMV, they assure the crowd they will return with their “British Invasion” tour, more on that later.

One of the moments everyone cannot wait for, the pant-splooshing moment when Lamb of God returns to their stage. Following up on Randy Blythe’s memoir titled “Dark Days”, which reflects about the inadvertent tragedy in the Czech Republic that led up to his temporary incarceration in the accidental death of a fan. I must take this moment to praise Randy for not only being able to face those dark days, but to do the right thing to remember the fan, show his family all the respect he has in his heart and for being a big person, though I would have expected no less. Some fans may have assumed that Lamb of God will never return to the stage again, but it just so happens that they have so, moving on.

Lamb of God opened with an explosive “Walk with me in hell”, “Now you’ve got something to die for” and the opening track to their newest release “Still Echoes” off of Sturm und Drang. If you’ve ever seen energy and showmanship before, you’d know to find it in this band. With Led Screens visualizing  collapsing buildings and various other graphics, Randy himself loves to jump around the stage. Most audience attendees could not have gotten enough for their money with head-banging so hard they will likely end up in a coma and that not even the rest of the show. Performing many hits from “As The Palaces Burn” and “Wrath”, LoG closes their set with “Redneck” leaving the audience forgetting that Slipknot was up next.

In Contrast, headliners Slipknot maintain an appropriate place higher up in the average music fan psyche. Now declaring that hell is about to open, decorated stage filled with hydraulic lifts, goat heads and the new iconic demonized goat perched behind the drums. Starting off the set with XIX, a short ballad referring to Paul Gray, the famously deceased and beloved member of the band, and whom the newest Slipknot release “.5 The Gray Chapters” is based on. Jumping into “Sarcastrophe” we have all nine masks running amuck including the two newest editions who now sit comfortably in the lineup.

Fire lighting the stage up and percussion sets lifted high above the audience; if you know Slipknot this isn’t anything new, but goddam is it awesome. With a newer image for the better part of the year now, a few masks have changed with masked-drummer’s newer version which resembles an early version of guitarist Mick Thompson’s mask off of the self-titled debut release. Corey still resembles the chik-fil-a guy and Sid Wilson has some sort of mechanized beetle with a removable mouth piece….not even going to try get into that.

Corey Taylor addresses the crowd that Metal is alive and well, referring to the negative comments made by Kevin Lyman, co-producer of the Mayhem Festival which Slipknot has headlined twice and asked for a third time. It’s worth noting that just about every show on this Slipknot tour has been sold out, which further proves Taylor’s position. Bashing out a large number of hits off of The Gray Chapters such as “The Devil in I” “AOV” ‘The Negative One” “Custer” and “Killpop”, Slipknot brought us back to 1995 for some of their blazing hits off of the Self-titled and more off of Iowa. This was a Slipknot show- a spectacle at its very best and before closing out with People=Shit, a coined term by the band that I happen to agree with, Slipknot assures we will see them again very soon and likely with a new album already in the works.

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