Slipknot Drops A Real Treat On Halloween

Slipknot has surprised fans on Halloween and released a real treat.  The band dropped a music video for a new song called “All Out Life”. The track, which was premiered earlier today on “Zane Lowe’s World Record” on Beats 1 on Apple Music, will appear on the band’s upcoming album, due next year via Roadrunner.

Slipknot singer Corey Taylor told host Zane Lowe about the lyrical inspiration for “All Out Life”: “Everybody talks about toxic masculinity and toxic fandom these days. For me, it’s more about this toxic idea that unless something came out 10 minutes ago, it’s not any good, and that bothers me. It’s, like, I love new music, but at the same time, don’t turn your back on the music that’s been. Don’t turn your back on the people that worked to make a platform for you to have a platform in the first place, so for me, it’s really about … It’s a rallying cry for everyone. It’s about all of us getting together and saying, ‘You know what? Let’s not talk about old. Let’s not talk about new. Let’s talk about what is. Let’s talk about what’s good, what’s real, and get behind that and start embracing things that matter because there’s history there and not just because it’s the next best thing.”