Slipknot .5: The Gray Chapter

Josh Lowe for Alternative Revolt

The highly anticipated and long awaited of Slipknot’s new arrival has finally been unleashed from the gates of hell and are taking the web by storm. .5 The Gray Chapter is Slipknot’s 5th studio album and the change in them is very apparent, but they still stick with their signature roots and deliver a punch that we have not seen from Slipknot in years. As many of you maggots know the album deals with losing bass player, a member, founder, family and best friend, Paul Gray. The bass player passed away back in 2010 due to a medicinal overdose. A long hiatus would normally ruin a band, even break them apart; despite the difficulties Slipknot has faced they have pushed through and put their best foots forward to venture on 2012’s Rockstar Energy Drink’s Mayhem Festival as the headliners and began their newest attraction, Knotfest. Corey and Jim of the latter have stayed afloat the majority of their time off will taking part in Stone Sour and exploring new territories with the hard rock group, pushing out a double album release and various tours.

.5 The Grey Chapter is also the first album with out long-time drummer, Joey Jordison. The details of Joey’s exit from the band have still not been fully revealed. In this newest installment you can hear the change in the band, yet many fans are worried that this record will not sound like Slipknot but rest assured, it is still Slipknot’s noise, if not more improved.

The opening track “XIX”, starts out slow and you hear a whisper “This song is not for the living. This song is for the dead.” You are then caught in a net of explosive energy and nu-metal aggressiveness that Slipknot grabs you into. The songs on this record are haunting, and you feel the emotion and agony that the band has experienced the pat six years, and this is the release they’ve been looking for to unleash the bottled up rage within themselves. The sound of this record is pretty close to some of the previous albums but not as grungy but it also shows you signs of growth from within the band.

The song “Skeptic” is a great song and the chorus “The world will never see another crazy motherfucker like you,” just sends shivers down your spine. The song “The Negative One” is just full of energy like getting a swift kick to your gut. The moment that track’s rough version was debuted, everyone was knocked on their ass at how powerful the song was, the ferociousness to Corey’s voice was breath taking, and it is something I haven’t heard anything similar to since “Iowa”. ‘Goodbye’ is the tear dropper, about the death of Paul Gray, and you can hear Corey belting out “Well there’s nothing to lose so now I have something to say / Maybe we can all recognize a moment of silence…Maybe we can finally agree on the same point of view..A long time ago we believed that we were united.. So the last thing in the world I am ready to say is … Goodbye.” Its the most tragic track on the album, and you may weep when you hear the words. I will be the first to sympathize that Slipknot has been through a lot, and now the rest of the world will truly feel the pain and anger, but none of that will go unrecognized or unrewarded. This new album is an ass kicker as well as a message. This album is not for mourning, its not for weeping and it is for damn sure not for feeling sorry for Slipknot, but rather celebrating the life of Paul Gray in the memory he is most recognized for and still to this day serves as an icon.

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