Slayer’s “The Final Campaign” Reigns Down On Colorado Springs [Review + Photos]


On November 20th Slayer brought their “Final Campaign” tour to Colorado Springs, CO. Along for the journey was Ministry, Primus, and Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals.

Up first was Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals. This was a special treat for the fans since the band played only Pantera songs. This is the closest some fans would ever get to seeing Pantera live. The crowd turn out for them was great. Usually fans trickle in for the opener but when it’s Phil Anselmo performing Pantera songs you better believe metal heads show up early. As they blazed through hits “Mouth for War” and “Sandblasted Skin” fans were in awe. Most fans were headbanging while screaming the lyrics, but some sat there taking it all in.

Next up industrial metal pioneers, Ministry, took the stage. The stage was dark, and the fog was thick, but the tunes were crisp and clear. During their set the highlight had to have been when they played “Just One Fix” and “N.W.O”. from their 1992 release, Psalm 69. Lead singer Al Jourgensen let the fans know that he grew up in Colorado and said that they were going to play some old stuff. They ended the night with Jesus Built My Hotrod with fans singing along to every word.

Primus hit the stage next. They played through their discography and it seemed like they picked their heavier songs to fit the theme of the night. They had large screens behind them that would play their old music videos and various other scenes. The stage was dark, but you could catch glimpses of Les Claypool walking in circles on stage while playing amazing riffs on his bass. They finished their set with “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver” from their 1991 album, Sailing the Seas of Cheese.

Before Slayer came out there was a curtain to hide the stage. As their set began there were 4 crosses that illuminated the curtain. First right side up, they slowly went upside down and fans went nuts. Then the fire started, and the curtains dropped. They started the night with the title track from their 2015 release “Repentless”. Fans sung along and knew every word. With this being the last tour for Slayer you could sense fans knew this might be the last time they would see the band. The band played hits dating back to 1983 and spanned their 39 year career. They finished the night with “Angel of Death” from the 1986 album Reign in Blood. After that they took one last look at the crowd, bowed, and left the stage.
I was one “hell” of a night and fans stumbled out of the arena as if they didn’t want to leave. Will we ever see another Slayer tour? Crazier things have happened but for now Slayer’s reign of live touring is coming to an end.