Sixx:A.M.- Live Denver

In the midst of Motley Crue’s FINAL tour, concluding on New Year’s Eve of 2015 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and saying goodbye to the world (uh huh, sure they are), Nikki Sixx will at least still have something to fall back on. In addition to his radio show, Sixx Sense, with co-host Kerry Kasem, his other band Sixx: A.M. is on trek across the U.S. since their 2012 announcement of writing new material together and have since released their new Modern Vintage, the latest album being the show’s focus. Backed by a touring drummer and two female backing vocalists, Sixx and company were clearly stoked to finally be out on tour. Hitting the stage after opening sets from Japan’s Vamps and the Swedish metal-cello act, Apocalyptica, Sixx:A.M. charged right into the big-beat glam of “Let’s Go,” the urgent rock of “Give Me a Love” and big-melody punch of “Relief”- an electric opening that was certainly steeped in Motley Crue’s very own signature blend, but with less pop and more BOOM. Dramatic arrangements were made for an emotional “Dead Man`s Ballet,” “Gotta Get It Right,” “Goodbye My Friends” and the power ballad “Accidents Can Happen” brought the lighters and smart phones out, chills. The energy brought on stage by Sixx, Ashba and Michaels demonstrated true brotherhood and partnership, everyone was very comfortable and constantly engaging the audience, creating a pic-fly-zone and everyone having a great time, Crue and rock fans alike.

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