Sixx A.M. To Release ‘The Heroin Diaries’ Anniversary Edition

Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of The Heroin Diaries release, and Nikki Sixx has released information that the 10th anniversary editions of both the book and soundtrack are on the way, as well as a Heroin Diaries graphic novel.

“Over the last ten years I’ve met so many people who have thanked me for The Heroin Diaries and say that it saved their lives,” explains Sixx. “But the truth is, writing The Heroin Diaries saved my life too.” The bassist is now 16 years sober and in the midst of the growing opioid crisis, his story is more relevant than ever.

There will be three new additions to the newly imagined release.  There will be a new versions of “Life Is Beautiful”, “Accidents Can Happen”,  and “Girl With The Golden Eyes.

The Heroin Diaries will be available in variety of formats, including digital LP, CD, CD/DVD, special edition vinyl and graphic novel. There is currently a Pledge Music pre-order where fans can place their orders. The 10th anniversary edition of the book will arrive Oct. 24, with the 10th anniversary soundtrack landing on Oct. 27. Head here to access the PledgeMusic pre-order.