Shinedown Releases New Video For “The Human Radio”

Shinedown has released another video new video for the song “The Human Radio”.  The song is taken from the band’s sixth studio album, “Attention Attention”, which will be released on May 4.

Shinedown frontman Brent Smith told about “Attention Attention”: “For us personally, where we are right now and how we’ve arrived at this record, one of the things that is different is we self-produced it. Eric Bass, who is our bass player, who is way more than just a bass player, really took the captain’s chair in regards to the production on the album. He also mixed the record as well. The record is also not a traditional album [in the sense where] you write a hundred songs, you pick the 10 best, you wrap it up, and present it to the world. This is a concept record in a lot of different details and points of view in this album are very, very unique.

“I wouldn’t necessarily call it a traditional concept record in regards to when I think of ‘The Wall’ (1979) by Pink Floyd, or ‘Operation: Mindcrime’ (1988) by Queensryche or ‘Tommy’ (1969) by The Who,” he continued. “This is an album that is definitely a psychological, emotional, and physical journey. You kind of have an understanding of what you are getting ready to experience with the first single being ‘Devil’, because it is the beginning of the story. Also, with the video out now as well, it really does allow the listener, from a sonic and visual side, to see what is getting ready to happen. It is taking the listener on a journey, everything happens in this room. It is really a record about not being afraid to fail.”

Regarding the lyrical themes covered on “Attention Attention”, Brent said: “There is definitely an expression on ‘Attention Attention’ about humanity. About understanding, I don’t want people to forget how to be human beings. What I mean by that is I think sometimes, because of technology, and because there is such a wealth of information, that is a really great thing at times. We are living in a world where everyone has a smartphone, and if you have a question about something, you can just look it up and find the information that you need. I think that is invaluable in a lot of different scenarios. When it comes to the human spirit, I don’t want people to forget how to talk to each other, face to face, and not through a text. Also, because of where we are in society, and not only in America, but all around the world, everybody has an opinion now. Everybody does see things in their own way and they want their opinion voiced. You can do that now with certain social media and what have you. At the end of the day, we are all human beings. We all have feelings, emotions, and drive. We have fears. We have things that concern us.

“I told this to a friend of mine, because they were trying to understand a little more of the record. They said, ‘Can you give me an example?’ I said, ‘Tomorrow morning, when you get up and go about your day, if you see somebody, and for whatever reason, maybe they don’t look completely there, and I am not saying you have to see it tomorrow, just in your mind, be conscious of this — have you ever gone up to someone just because you noticed maybe they weren’t having a good day? As a total stranger walking up to them and asking, ‘Hey, are you alright? Can I help you? Do you need anything?’ I think you would be blown away at the people that would probably look at you and said, ‘You know what, I’m not okay.” Just to have someone to talk to, even if it’s a stranger. That is what I am trying to say. That humanity. I don’t want to lose that. In a lot of ways, ‘Attention Attention’ is a warning to people and society. Don’t lose your human side. Technology is great, but don’t lose the fact that you are a human being.”