Sebastian Bach Comments On His Touring Struggles

Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach has been in the news as of recent on multiple fronts. His new autobiography “18 And Life On Skid Row” is now out for the world to indulge. Fans of Skid Row are sure to get the juicy inside scoop that they’ve been dying to read about in the singer’s history with the band.

In addition, Bach also made comments that there was a potential for Skid Row and him to make reunion plans, stating that a reunion “could be on the horizon.” This however contradicts the comments made by guitarist Dave “Snake” Sabo, who claims that a reunion with Bach have “slim to none” chances of occurring.

During a recent interview in Buffalo, NY on The Shredd and Ragan Show, Bach laid it on the table, opening up about some of his touring struggles, feeling as though he’s forced to take gigs that he may not have the urge or interest to take.

“All I tried to do, honestly, from the get-go… just imagine, somebody gives you a book deal. First of all, they wanted me to have a ghost writer, and I didn’t want that at all because I wanted to tell stories that nobody else knows. All I tried to do was write something that was entertaining to read in the hopes that I could do another book sometime down the line, and that’s looking like I did accomplish that.”

“I enjoy writing books, and I’ve read all the rock n’ roll bios, and I know which ones are the best ones and why I like them. One of the reviews said that even if you’re not a fan of Skid Row, you would probably enjoy this book on its own, and that meant a lot to me. If you don’t like me or my music, you can read about me getting my face smashed in. That’s great. [Laughs]”

“I’m 49 years old right now. Anybody listening to this interview — any dudes listening to this interview who have been through divorce, and alimony, and court, and child support, and endless court proceedings from ex-wives, sometimes I’m in the position where I have to take a gig because [of] alimony. Anybody that’s my age understands what I’m saying. Sometimes I have to take the gig because I don’t have a choice. That exact gig was the thirteenth city in thirteen nights, and you can Google what I’m saying. It’s all true. The tour was six cities, and then I had a day off, then I had another six cities. Then a TV show called ‘Galavant’ wanted me to sing the lead of their series on the day off, and I go, ‘I can’t do it — it’s too much, but alimony.'”

“The reason I lost my mind [was] because that was the thirteenth city in thirteen days, and I had enough. And my mom shouldn’t have been down there, and I should have had a day off, but that’s what happens when I don’t get a day off. [Laughs] I just lost it. I’m a human being, and I used to not have to do thirteen cities in thirteen days — I could do what the heck I want — but anybody listening to what I just said that’s been through that understands. Sometimes you’ve gotta suck it up and do the job and get paid.”

JT “Doc” Berry \m/