Scorpions Working On New Album In 2019

Jason Bullinger for Alternative Revolt

Scorpions are preparing to record a new album this year.

In an interview with Headbangers Lifestyle conducted at the end of last year, Rudolf talks about the band working on a new album.

“Why we have this idea of recording a new album is because Mikkey became, let’s say, a great force for Scorpions,” he said. “When we were fighting for a change and [trying to] get us back on track with the band, and it didn’t work, we found Mikkey. Mikkey just fits perfectly into the chemistry of Scorpions. Plus, he is a very creative person. That means we have now the chance to make an album that is special and fresh.

“Everybody in the band is now on leave and at home to celebrate the holidays with his family, until the New Year,” Rudolf continued. “We will meet again in the New Year and everybody will come and bring in ideas in the studio. We already found a producer to record with. A famous and well-known personality… No, I’m not gonna say who he is… really not! But we are all very excited to produce a new, historic rock ‘n’ roll album.”