Scorpions Love Having Mikkey Dee In The Band


Since the addition of legendary drummer Mikkey Dee in Germany’s own Scorpions, the band has been such a tight knit unit as they always have been. After replacing James Kottak, Dee had his speculation as to the challenges that he had felt when coming into the band. In an interview earlier this year, guitarist Matthias Jabs, and singer Klaus Meine spoke on adding Dee to the Scorpions team, and how they’ve felt with him behind the drum kit so far.

“Mikkey’s with us since May last year when we picked up the tour in America, Klaus said. “And he was not so happy when we told him, ‘The end of [this leg of] the tour [will be] in December [2016], [and] after that, we need a real break.’ [He said to us], ‘What? You guys can’t stop right now. It feels fantastic. We’ve gotta keep going. So much positive and good energy, and we’ve gotta keep going.’ We said, ‘Mikkey, we need… We’ll pick it up a little later in 2017, but for now, we pull the plug.'”

“But he’s fantastic,” said Jabs. “He plays great, he has a very positive energy. Paweł [Mąciwoda, Scorpions bassist] and him get along extremely well, and that’s good for the personal side, but also for the playing, because if the bass player and the drummer really play well together, it’s easier for all of us. And that works fantastic. He’s a very energetic guy. He can go to the clubs until six in the morning, sleep for half an hour, and then we keep going — to the airport and the next show’s happening also. So that’s good. He gives us extra energy and a kick in the butt, and he just plays very powerful — very good.”

“Yeah, he’s a great drummer. But we are very lucky. I mean, we know the Motorhead guys for a long time — we met so many times — but then when you play together and when you spend so much more time now with a new guy coming in the band, fortunately, the chemistry between us is also fantastic. He has a great personality, a great humor. It’s a lot of fun to have him around. Like Matthias said, [he has] so much energy. If you wanna go out tonight after the show, yeah, Mikkey’s there. But at the same time, he’s a family man. He lives up in Sweden, which is not too far away from where we live. It’s just perfect. It’s a great chemistry and a great feel on stage, giving us a whole new shot of energy.”

The Scorpions are gearing up for a tour together with Megadeth, which will start up on September 14th in Pennsylvania. Both bands bring quite a unique dynamic that is different from each other, but they’re still legends that are sure to make for an amazing show.

JT “Doc” Berry \m/