Scorpions Bring Their Crazy World To Colorado


Most bands would love to strive be around for 50 years and the legendary German rockers The Scorpions have been just doing that satisfying audiences all over the globe.  I think most of us can agree we live in a polarizing time in history so it is particularly fitting that the Scorpions would bring back a tour called “Crazy World Tour”.  For this “Crazy World Tour” they brought along metal thrashers Megadeth to share the stage.  We were fortunate to catch a stop at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, Colorado on September 25.

Megadeth has been one of the most successful thrash metal bands selling millions of albums, earning grammy nominations, and playing for rapid metal followers across the globe. The current lineup of Mustaine, David Effefson (Bass) Kiko Loureriro (guitar) and Dirk Verbeuren (drums) opened the night is roaring fashion. Surrounded by changing backdrops and animated LED screens, Megadeth ripped through a set of classics that included “Hangar 18”, “Symphony of Destruction”, and Peace Sells.

After some anticipation the large curtain covering the front of the stage dropped with the fans immediately standing up cheering as The Scorpions walked onstage and busted into “Going Out With A Bang.” Wearing black leather, sunglasses, and big smiles the band blazed thorough a set of songs that spanned their long career.  Still sounding strong as ever at 67 years old vocalist Klaus Mine still commands the stage and interacts with fans leaning the microphone out into the crowd and even handing out a ton of drumsticks to the fans in the front of the stage.

A nice surprise was a collection of 70’s songs in a form of a melody. “Top Of The Bill”, “Steam Rock Fever”, “Speedy’s Coming” and “Catch Your Train” were presented in one segment highlighted by both rhythm guitarist Rudolf Schenker’s energetic riffing and lead guitarist Matthias Jabs solos. In the middle of the set the band slowed things up a bit and gathered at the end of the catwalk to jam acoustically with the help from the crowd sing along to “Always Somewhere”, Eye of the Storm”, and  “Send Me an Angel.” As was expected the biggest song of the night performed was the huge global hit “Wind of Change.” The video wall that ran in the middle of the stage displayed images of the Berlin Wall and peace signs flashed as the crowd swayed their arms back and forth during the entire song.

Drummer Mikkey Dee in now a permanent member of the band and he easily raised the energy of the show. He performed all of the songs like he had been in the band for years and even nailed a energetic drum solo towards the end of the show while raising his kit almost to the top of the venue.

The night ended with a few Scorpion show staples including “Blackout”, “No One Like You”, “Big City Nights” and the encores “Still Loving You” and “Rock You Like a Hurricane”. The Scorpions bring it every night and have been doing so for decades. I can see why they changed their mind a few years ago and are not retiring. They still have have lots of sting left.