Scale The Summit to Release New Album in May

scale the summit

Scale The Summit will release their new album “In a World of Fear” on May 19th.

9 guests lined up for the new record, including Arch Enemy’s Jeff Loomis, Scar Symmetry’s Per Nilsson, Fallujah’s Scott Carstairs, Momuments’ John Browne and more.


  1. Mass (feat. Yvette Young)
  2. Astral Kids
  3. Royal Orphan
  4. Cosmic Crown (feat. Jeff Loomis & James Iyani)
  5. Witch House (feat. Angel Vivaldi)
  6. Neon Tombs
  7. Opal Bones
  8. Dream12
  9. Goddess Gate (feat. Nick Johnston & Per Nilsson)
  10. The Warden (feat. John Browne, Scott Carstairs & Nathan Navarro)

Clips from it can be heard in the below preview video: