Saints and Sinners Ball: Five Finger Death Punch


Five Finger Death Punch is no stranger to the colorful state of Colorado, where the front man, Ivan Moody, grew up and brought their show with them straight from Knotfest, but Tuesday nights show had its own Trick & Treat incorporating locals Lola Black, our neighbors Texas Hippie Coalition and the almighty Hellyeah. Hellyeah played eight songs, including new tracks Blood For Blood (Sangre por Sangre) and Cross To Bier and Hellyeah with ferocity. A King Diamond face painted Vinnie Paul and the group performed the mix of Mudvayne and Pantera, but sounds almost nothing like the bands that combined are Hellyeah; instead the group has firmly established its own unique crunch and roar that thundered throughout the arena for the better part of an hour. The night was claimed by Five Finger Death Punch with the Knucklehead face-paint worn not by only Ivan Moody but headbanging fans crammed into the 8,000 capacity arena. Ivan came out swinging a baseball bat and roaring to “Under And Over It”. Moody’s crowd involvement and guttural yells stayed true to the band’s flagship sound and feel, keeping all attendees at the mercy of his discretion. Drummer Jeremy Spencer had an impressive solo mid set, which gave cause for much applause, and the chunky guitars were nothing less than classic Five Finger. Five Finger is coming off the release of their latest single, “Wrong Side of Heaven,” which is a tribute to veterans and specifically those suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Their appreciation for the military and the United States was evident in the show and well received. The band has been touring nonstop for nearly the past 5 years on and off and they are taking the world by storm by doing so, one knucklehead at a time.

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