Roger Joseph Manning Jr. Is One With Nature With New EP

Roger Joseph Manning Jr

Singer/songwriter Roger Joseph Manning Jr. is making his way back to the mainstream with a new four song EP, entitled “Glamping.” With the new album making it’s official release on May 18th, Manning keeps it short and sweet with a mellow and soulful array of emotion and character.

With this new EP, it’s a celebration for Manning, who is putting his best foot forward with new original music, 10 years after his prior solo album, “Catnip Dynamite.” With this new release, fans can get their hands on the album via pre-order through a PledgeMusic campaign, unlocking all the hidden wonders of what can be expected.

“I’m doing it this way as a big experiment,” he said. “One of the reasons I’ve been most excited about jumping back into doing more original music, and getting back in the saddle again after 10 years of various life trajectories, is due to sites like PledgeMusic, and how they help projects like mine come to fruition. These kinds of Pledge campaigns seem to do really well for a certain level of artist — and this really, really seems to meet my needs. We had no middle-ground fans in Jellyfish. They completely understood what we were doing. I’ve found my fans to be the most loyal fans out there, and that’s a worldwide thing. I look forward to seeing their support for this EP, and how they’re going to react to all of the extras I plan on offering through PledgeMusic.”

My fans are everything. I don’t take them for granted. They reflect back to me in such life-affirming ways the most intimate, vulnerable parts of myself that I feel compelled to share. Through their praise, laughter, tears or simply by singing along, they make me feel understood and appreciated, like I’m not the only one in the world who FEELS with such passion. Mostly they remind me that we are all one big vibrational spiritual family having a collective human experience in these crazy bodies that LOVE to resonate together through music.

My fans are also patient. It’s been 24 years since Jellyfish last harmonized, 22 since Imperial Drag last rocked, 21 since the Moog Cookbook synthesized, 15 since TV Eyes electrified, 11 since Malibu computerized and 10 since my last solo album, Catnip Dynamite, had you all singing and drumming along unashamedly behind the steering wheel of your car. And still my fans are right here with me, waiting patiently in support of my next move.

Over the years through touring and endless internet exchanges it’s been astonishing to witness just how large my fan family is and can become. And now, thankfully through a forum like PledgeMusic, I can connect and collaborate with all of you the whole world round instantly and all at once. My fans can actually become part of the music making process and experience my artistic offerings in so many new and creative ways.

As a special reminder that you are so valued and never forgotten, I am celebrating the 10 year anniversary of my last solo offering by putting my best foot forward in the form of a 4 song EP of brand new original material which will coincide w a PledgeMusic re-release of my entire previous solo catalog.

Of course it will come as no surprise to you all that I have raised the bar pretty high with these new tunes. They are as immaculately arranged and performed as any of my previous works and will for the first time include guest appearances by many of our mutual musical friends.

This collection of songs are gems I have extracted from a vast catalog that has been accumulating for the last 30 + years. Ideas from my pre-Jellyfish college days through to the present. All representing different important landmark moments in my charmed life, now realized through the sensibilities of a wiser, more experienced songsmith, while hopefully never sacrificing any of their initial inspiration nor innocence.

Utilizing the PledgeMusic format and including my fans for the first time in the music’s evolution and multi-level listening experience is none other than my way of saying thank you for your undying support over the years. For being the ultimate reason I create these often very challenging and exhaustive works.

I encourage you to spend some time with the really interesting exclusive offers I’ve created that will allow those who wish to participate to get behind the scenes of the EP’s creation as well as the inner workings of my songwriting and recording process. The digital download will automatically be included with all exclusive offers so don’t hesitate to share this unique PledgeMusic opportunity with your friends. In the weeks and months ahead, I hope to see our special musical family grow to numbers I could have only dreamed about 25 years ago!

Finally, please know that as gratifying as it is to construct these songs, the circle of creation would not be complete without the effort of your willing ears and heart to be on the receiving end of my music. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I can’t wait to hear what you FEEL.

1. Operator
2. Funhouse
3. Is It All A Dream?
4. I’m Not Your Cowboy

JT “Doc” Berry \m/