Rob Halford Hopeful Of Getting Inducted Into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ‘Eventually’

Judas Priest
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After being able to get inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Judas Priest has been one of many bands that up to this point in time have been robbed of an opportunity to get inducted. Once a band has continued their trek in the business for 25 years after the release of their debut album, they are then eligible to be inducted. Judas Priest has by far put in the time and effort with their catalog of material to rightfully deserve a spot within the legions of immortals that grace the walls of the hall.

In the insanity that some iconic bands have still yet to be inducted, such as Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, and many more, the hall of fame has put efforts to induct bands who clearly have no right to join the likes of an actual ROCK band. It’s insane to think that an establishment that bestows the name of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame would even disrespect the genre by inducting bands and artists that are in a completely different genre.

Why Judas Priest still hasn’t been shown the respect by the hall of fame is still a mystery to the minds of many. Singer Rob Halford remains hopeful that the band will reach the hall eventually. This year, the band came close, as they were nominated to get inducted, but unfortunately did not make the final cut.

“It was a thrill to be nominated,” Halford told Fox News. “We appreciate and understand what it represents to go into that great institution… It sends a wonderful signal to people. And the fact that we didn’t make it? It was a bit disappointing. And we feel heavy metal should be represented more in the Hall Of Fame. But I think we will make it there eventually. We will. Next time around, fingers crossed, we’ll make it to the hallowed halls and they’ll find a spot on the shelf to put Judas Priest.”

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