Riot Fest Denver: Blink 182, Iggy Pop, AFI and more at May Farms

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Let’s see how many times I can use the word Riot in  my review on Riot Fest. Well let me just start off with that Riot Fest Denver day two WAS a fucking Riot!  I mean quite literally. But lets start from the beginning. Day one was a success, beautiful weather and clear blue sunny sky out in east Colorado, about an hour east of Denver. The three stages and their acts attracted many numbers in the crowd which proved very successful for the line up in its entirety. The best way to describe Riot fest is a much smaller version of Vans Warped Tour and small scale version of The Bamboozle. There was very high anticipation for the later evening acts like Iggy and the Stooges, AFI, Brand New…and so on. The bands all played about one hour sets and the crowd was so intense that even the dust cloud in the area did not seem to stifle the sheer intensity of the fans in the crowd. I personally loved AFI’s performance, because they brought it man, holy hell did they bring it!
Day two. The day started nice, started to get more dreary in the sky as the day went on, by the time Bad Religion was about to go on, five measly minutes to go and the festival went into a state of emergency and initiated evacuation. No one was instructed to go home, just head inside, to their cars, find cover. For about three and a half hours later after the insane lightning storm and thunder in the sky, we were all convinced that the show was not going to go on. Thank, insert holy deity here, for social media, according to the festivals twitter, they were planning to resume shortly. Thirty to forty five minutes after they said thirty to forty five minutes prior to when they said thirty to forty five minutes later, what basically seemed like forever, the festival gates were crowded with angst. This is where it alllll almost went down. Riot fest was about to become an actual Riot. People attempting to storm the gates as soon as sound check started again, and by the time the gates reopened, hell literally broke loose as the remaining show goers headed back into the festival nearly trampling everybody. Fortunately Matt and Kim take full responsibility of the act of mother nature, due to their new release, “Lightning”, Kim stated “I will literally dedicate the rest of this set to shoot lightning out of my vagina for ya’ll”….something like that. It all ended up a big success, Blink performed even though the crowd was severely smaller than it should have been, but hey….ya snooze ya lose. Riot fest was the most ass kicking festival of the year, I do hope they return next year.


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