Riot Fest Denver: The Cure, Social Distortion, ADTR & more

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The most epic line up in ten years of Riot Fest’s history made its mark on Denver this weekend with a three day kick in the ass. All of attendance toughed through the blazing heat all three days, following by torrential rain fall during the remaining hours of the three day festival. This is Riot Fest’s Ten year anniversary, and they celebrate it with having The Cure as the main attraction who performed the Saturday show for a two and a half hour set. If they played Red Rocks during their own tour run, they would only play for about an hour and fifteen minutes, so this was definitely the show to catch if you missed their performance in Chicago or Toronto shows. Such acts like The Flaming Lips, Weezer, Slayer, Social Distortion, A Day To Remember, Rise Against, Glassjaw, City and Colour, Dropkick Murphys and various others all performed in one location over the span of the weekend, which allowed a pick of the litter for spectators from all over the state and nearby neighboring cities. Each day varied in the mood of the performances, but the ones who stood out were obviously The Cure with their forever-long set, A Day To Remember passing through during their own headlining trek with Bring Me The Horizon, The Used who can fit into any show line up, Glassjaw making a comeback, Primus because why the fuck not, Dropkick Murphys…the name is implied and Slayer because they were the only metal band on the bill worth a damn; and the fucking Wu Tang Clan?!

Some WTF performers consisted of Gogol Bordello, Weezer, Die Antwoord, TV on the Radio and tons of other bands that really didnt make sense at first, but then again, this is Riot Fest’s style for lineups. The keyword is diversity and to be truly honest, it works quite well. This whole weekend really made it easier for Denver inhabitants to hop on the train or find parking nearby the Bronco’s home in the parking lot, which definitely felt like Vans Warped tour…but better. As opposed to its prior tenure at May Farms in rural Byers, CO, which the county voted against the festival, claiming it to be an obstruction of the towns, despite the actual towns desire to host the festival as it generates tons of revenue than any other time of the year. The whole feel for the weekend was excitement after excitement, and with other festivities going on in the Denver metro area such as the annual Denver Oktoberfest and Elton John performing at the Pepsi Center, paralleling The Cure’s set just nearby, this was the weekend to remember why Denver is one of America’s favorite cities and there is always tons going on in the Mile high town. It was a major success in our opinion and we look forward to next year’s lineup. Truthfully, we would love to see if they can top a lineup like this, it will be no easy task but this past lineup announcement knocked us on our ass with our jaws dropped to the ground.



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