Richie Kotzen Explains Why He Needed A Break With The Winery Dogs

the winery dogs
Josh Lowe for Alternative Revolt

In a brand new interview with Sofa King Cool, guitarist/vocalist Richie Kotzen was once again asked about the status of The Winery Dogs, his power trio with drummer Mike Portnoy and  bassist Billy Sheehan. “We did the first record [2013’s self-titled album]; it did really, really well,” he said (see video below). “I mean, it really did well, that record. Considering what was going on — or what is going on — with record sales, that record did really well. And so, because of that, we dove right back into another album cycle [with 2015’s ‘Hot Streak’]. And after that album cycle, I thought it made sense to kind of take a break, because it’s, like, you’re not always gonna roll the point. You know what I’m trying to say? Not to take a lead off the ‘Hot Streak’ title… The last record was called ‘Hot Streak’, and it had a gambling connotation.”

He continued: “But, anyway, I thought in my mind, ‘Well, this worked. It was fun. It was really cool. But I kind of wanna go back to being Richie for a while and doing what I was doing before.’ And Billy has a franchise band with Mr. Big; they continue to make great music and tour. And Mike, although I’m sure he loves playing with The Winery Dogs, his ability on the instrument and his style, with the progressive rock thing, that’s something he needs to do too, ’cause that’s in his blood — he’s gotta do that. So it makes sense that we would go back and do what we were doing before. But it also makes sense that, eventually, we’ll reconvene and do something again.”