Review: Nothing Sour About New Stone Sour Album

stone sour

It’s CD release day, and today marks a big one in the release of Stone Sour’s highly anticipated studio album, “Hydrograd.” After months of talk, the time is finally here to hear what Stone Sour has to offer. Not only that, but the past number of months, singer Corey Taylor has talked very heavily on the new album, citing it as being some of the best work that Stone Sour has ever done.

The album is quite a mystery piece in a great way. It takes the listener on a unique journey that runs between lines of straight rock, with softer (almost folk like) feel to it, to a straight pure bred metal feel that makes you think you’re listening to a Slipknot album.

With 15 songs on the cue sheet, the amount of powerhouse songs is simply one after the other. Perhaps this may in fact be what Corey Taylor was talking, being one of Stone Sour’s best works. That’s a tall order to say, considering this is guitarist Christian Martucci’s first album with the band. One thing is for sure, Martucci and fellow Josh Rand pull all the stops, not simply sticking to one type of tone. The duo instill different types of tuning, tone settings, and techniques that take the album out of the typical Stone Sour box.

As songs like “YSIF,” kicking the album off with an almost anthem like approach, the journey begins with “Taipei Person/Allah Tea,” which contains a song body of rock grooves with Taylor filling in the gaps with a mix of soft heavy vocal melodies.

The body of the album puts forth straight up rock feel, with the title track, and “Song #3” being amongst the album’s best songs throughout a list of multiple grand slam pieces. “The Witness Trees,” “Thank God It’s Over,” “Whiplash Pants,” “Somebody Stole My Eyes,” are all just a sliver of what the album contains that fans will be utterly joyous to hear over and over again.

Slipknot fans and Stone Sour fans will be grateful to join forces on this end, as the album has a very distinct with the last few songs that it feels as if Corey Taylor had brought out his mask in the studio, channeling his inner Slipknot demon. With very heavy, raging vocals, the vibe feels as though the album has took a turn into a Slipknot/Stone Sour blend that is very tasteful, and blood pumping.

With Stone Sour currently on tour, you’d best believe you’ll get a long line of new songs on the set list. The fans simply wouldn’t want it any other way with how dynamic and over the top the album had come out. As Stone Sour tour’s into the new year, there’s simply no excuse to not see them live. If you think the album is great, get the best of both worlds and see for yourself in the flesh.


JT “Doc” Berry \m/