The Return of Decoy

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After an obnoxiously long 9 year hiatus, North Jersey scene powerhouse, Decoy, has returned with their most brutally honest songs to date. In the early 2000’s, the band amassed a dedicated following through violent and energetic live performances that often left band members bloodmouthed or in need of stitches and audiences enthralled and confused. Although Decoy had a profound impact on their local scene, the band was largely overshadowed by their more commercially successful and slightly older peers including Senses Fail, Armor for Sleep, Hidden in Plain View and My Chemical Romance, just to name a few. In a scene with such a deep pool of talent, standing out was difficult and Decoy called it quits in 2004, before most members were even in their senior year of high school.

In 2013, original band members Stephen Jasko (vocals/guitar), Alan Lapointe (guitar/vocals), Clark Starace (bass), and Ethan Bill (drums) decided to give it another go, this time with much more musical and life experience under their belts. After spending time in some notable bands (Race the Sun, GunsLikeGirls, and Van Atta High), the band sounds like a well-oiled, kick-ass, death machine. You can hear a tightness and professionalism that can only be gained from years of playing shows and being on the road. The years that have passed have not only given the band plenty of experience, but also a new perspective.

“We’re not trying to be rockstars. We don’t care about any of that.” Starace explained. “We just wanted to write and record songs that we thought were awesome. That was the best part about doing this. There were no pre-conceived notions or external expectations of what these songs should sound like, no one even knew we were doing it.”

The result is two incredibly boisterous and explosive singles, meticulously written by Jasko.  “A Warrior’s Psalm” and “The Left Side” Featuring the lovely and talented Danielle Krumbein, are showcased by an extremely slick production job by Bill, who recorded the and mixed the tracks. “A Warriors Psalm” is available now on iTunes and the band expects to release “The Left Side” shortly after.

Listen to “A Warrior’s Psalm” Here


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