Queensryche and Skid Row Honor Las Vegas Massacre Victims


It’s been a week since the awful shooting that occurred last week in Las Vegas. Since then, the show must go on, which was the very mentality that Queensryche and Skid Row had in Nevada during their concert this past weekend. During their show, the bands had shown a sign of respect, honoring the victims that suffered during the massacre.

“We just wanna take a very brief moment of silence to honor those people that were affected, directly and indirectly,” said Queensryche singer Todd La Torre. “It’s a crazy world that we live in, and it’s scary and beautiful at the same time. Our hearts go out to this city and to every single person that was affected by that,” he continued.

“The whole world is watching, so if you know the words to this next song, we want you to sing it loud for everyone — for you guys and for everyone that was affected by this horrible tragedy. Sing this next song with us. This is ‘Silent Lucidity’.”

The concert marked the first outdoor concert in Las Vegas since the shooting occurred.

“I can’t tell you how much that means to us and it means to our promoter and just everyone involved with this show,” he said. “We’re so proud to have you guys here. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I mean this absolutely one hundred percent. Thank you guys so much. We love you guys. And this is a night we will never fucking forget,” said Skid Row bassist Rachel Bolan.

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